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Gluten Intolerance?

Christian ReichardtComment

There is a new thought about the relatively strong uptick in Gluten allergy and reactions. Some researchers believe it may be due to the new farming process called dry harvesting.

This new process started about six or seven years ago and involves spraying healthy wheat plants with the herbicide glyphosate (the active ingredient in Round-Up) about three days before harvesting. This starts killing the plants and makes them easier to harvest. One researcher found Round-Up residues in every sample tested of wheat treated in this way.

The symptoms of glyphosate exposure are strikingly similar to the symptoms of gluten intolerance...stomach distress, diarrhea, headaches, and mood changes. If the researchers are correct (and unfortunately, I think they are) this could certainly explains why doctors often cannot find an accurate allergy test to predict gluten sensitivity that is not celiac disease.
This research may explain the sudden exposure of gluten sensitivity over the last few years. it may also why patients consistently tell me they can go to France or Italy and eat bread and pasta without any side effects but cannot eat it here.

It is certainly something to consider!