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Dr. Melissa Diller - Santa Monica Office

Melissa Diller, DC first discovered chiropractic at a young age when her sister had a debilitating foot problem.  The family visited several podiatrists and other doctors to find the root cause of the severe pain.  After several months of medications to make it through soccer practice and games, the journey brought them  to a chiropractor.  He explained to them that all the bones in the foot must work individually of each other, and hers were like two boards hinged together.  Without independent function, the foot was seriously inflamed and in bad condition.  Through visiting the chiropractor often, they were able to alleviate the sister's foot pain and witnessing this amazing turn around had Dr. Diller choosing a career in the field of chiropractic. She has been dedicated to bringing the message of chiropractic to people ever since. 

While attending Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO, she enrolled in a dual master’s/doctorate program.  This program enabled her earn a Master of Science in Sports Science and Rehabilitation. 

Through this program, she participated in an internship in London, England to study the philosophy and treatment styles of international practitioners.  While there she was able to work the British Indoor Track and Field Championships and Sheffield United Football Club.

Dr. Diller has also served as part of the medical team for events with St. Louis Youth Soccer Association, various high schools, AYSO, and NAIA Track. 

Since relocating to Los Angeles, Dr. Diller has also worked with different production companies and celebrities to deliver on set services both domestically and internationally. 

As an avid athlete, Dr. Diller knows the value and importance of chiropractic and alternative healthcare.  Without it, she could not have competed in collegiate soccer nor would she still be playing today. 

Dr. Diller works at the Center for Health in Santa Monica with clients of all levels of abilities, including amateur and Olympic athletes.  By incorporating soft tissue techniques, wellness lifestyles, movement correction, and strengthening exercises, Dr. Diller aims to help you be active and stay active.