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For decades, doctors have told us that saturated fat raises heart disease risk.  But according to a new analysis of 76 past studies, people who ate lots of meat, cheese, and other saturated-fat-packed foods had no more cardiovascular troubles than those who did not. 

This backs a shift in thinking about fats—namely that meat, butter, and cheese won’t harm your heart when consumed in moderation.  More doctors are naming sugar, salt, and carbs as the bigger concern for heart health. 

“The best ways to reduce heart disease risk through diet are to restrict calories and to follow a Mediterranean diet that’s rich in vegetables, fruit, and olive oil,” says Dr. Paul Thompson, chief of cardiology at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut.

The Mediterranean diet, which has been proven to be one of the best for a healthy heart, is low in sugar and carbs but relatively high in fat compared with the average American diet.