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For some men and women, a headache is a once-in-a-while issue that goes away fast. But, for a significant number of others, headaches are severe — and frequent enough to interfere with daily life. If you have headaches way too often and you’re tired of taking pills to get rid of them, Center for Health in Yucca Valley, California, has medication-free solutions for you. Schedule an appointment online or call for headache help from a compassionate chiropractor in Center for Health now.

Headache Q & A

Migraines cause severe pain that many sufferers describe as stabbing or pulsating. Often, migraines cause other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and light sensitivity as well.

Migraines can last for hours and could even continue for days at a time. Researchers believe that migraines are caused by genetics, and most sufferers have specific triggers like stress or alcohol consumption.

Tension headaches are the most common variety of headache. They cause pain, pressure, and tightness in your head and may make you feel like your head’s being squeezed. Tension headaches are caused by muscle contractions in your head and neck.

Some common causes of tension headaches are stress, bending your head for long periods while on a computer, grinding your teeth, or too much caffeine. 

Cluster headaches are the most severe kind of headaches. They’re often described as excruciatingly painful. This type of headache often wakes sufferers up from a deep sleep because it’s so painful.

Cluster headaches occur daily for long periods (weeks to months) and then stop for some time. But, they may return when you least expect it. The cause of cluster headaches isn’t certain, but it may be connected to irregularities in the body’s biological clock (hypothalamus). Cluster headaches usually don’t have triggers, but alcohol can make them worse.

At Center for Health, we take a whole-body approach in dealing with your headaches. We start by diagnosing the type of headache and then looks for the underlying reason that you have them.

Many patients who suffer from migraine, tension, or cluster headaches have spinal imbalances that are either contributing to the headaches or making them worse once they begin. Through gentle hands-on manipulation, We correct the imbalance so your nervous system can function at its peak.

Often, lifestyle changes can play a major role in headache treatment. We can analyze your diet and exercise plan to determine whether you can make changes that will reduce your headache frequency and severity.

Center for Health is eager to help you put headaches behind you, so book your appointment by calling or via online today.