Functional Medicine (part 2)

Center for Health: Christian Reichardt, DC

Integrative Medicine & Chiropractor located in Yucca Valley, CA

As holistic doctors, we place a strong emphasis on prevention of disease and maintaining optimal wellness of mind, body, and spirit throughout all stages of life.
Our goal is to help each patient achieve vibrant wellness by promoting healing on all levels–physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Here at the Center For Health we work with many patients who experience what has been perceived at the “normal” aging process. We look at our patient’s bloodwork from a Functional Medicine perspective-which means we take a holistic approach by evaluating the patient’s unique biochemistry in context of their diet, lifestyle, and exposure to environmental toxins. Our assessments and treatments therefore are personalized and take into account genetic uniqueness, biochemical individuality, nutritional needs, and lifestyle stressors.

We then design a completely individualized program utilizing accurate testing to combine a variety of effective and affordable therapies. We follow up with a re-assessment to determine how your system responded and what your body needs to maintain your optimal balance and health.

Dr. Diller in the Santa Monica office and Dr. Jerez in Yucca Valley have received specialized training in ordering and assessing blood work as well as writing treatment recommendations. Our team of chiropractic doctors, therapists, and staff are ready to help you reach your optimal balance and feel your best!

Call our office at 310-829-0453 in Santa Monica or 760-365-0804 in Yucca Valley to schedule a complimentary consultation about how Functional Medicine can help you!