Good Body Program

Center for Health: Christian Reichardt, DC

Integrative Medicine & Chiropractor located in Yucca Valley, CA

As some of you know, I have now been in practice over 32 years.
During all those years a ongoing message of mine has been to “Get Well and Stay Well.”
You see, many patients come to chiropractic because of back pain or an injury, but stay because of all the other health benefits. And it is my promise to you that the message of Wellness will continue to be the centerpiece of care here at the office in Yucca Valley!

We now offer a very exciting program here at the office:
Dr. Reichardt’s Good Body Program– a 30 full body cellular detox program that will effectively and efficiently cleanse you whole body!

If you or a loved one are interested in making your New Year goals to get healthier, be in better shape or you plain just want ot feel better, this is the way to go!!

The program includes 3 sessions a week for 4 weeks of

  • Low Level Laser therapy,
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Whole Body Vibration
  • together with a 1 month herbal detox and food program.

The complete program is geared to break down and flush out congested tissues, and get you feeling wonderful for the year!!

Please feel free to call the office at 760-365-0804 and ask about the program.

This may just be the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.
It is a gift that will keep on giving!