The Gluten Wars

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Most of us have probably heard about gluten free diets and have seen multiple products displaying this label. An article in June 15, 2015 of TIME takes a look at two new books that take on today’s most controversial food–gluten.

The first book is called “Grain of Truth” by Stephen Yafa. His wife was the inspiration for the book as she began her journey cutting out grains. Yafa knows that humans have been eating wheat for 10,000 years and wonders if there’s any validity to gluten sensitivity being linked to the way we process foods. Yafa investigates plants that produce breads in the hundreds per minute. Yafa also continues to explore the thought that long-fermented sourdough could be a solution to the problem. This book explores his journey through the research and tries to answer questions for the public.

The next book “The Gluten Lie,” takes on a different approach. Alan Levinovitz focuses on society’s “one-at-a-time demonization of individual foods or nutritents.” He also explores diets and their religious connotations through history. Levinovitz explores faith and food but also draws the question of how much our diet success is baded on power of belief. Whether or not his thoughts fit yours, he recommends that when eating, your time must be undivided and you should have a minimum of four dinners each week that take 30 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to eat.

While neither book doesn’t provide definitive answers about whom gluten affects and why, they offer fresh perspectives on the gluten free movement.

Let us know if you read the books and what you think!