The Learning Curve – Vogue Magazine

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Whenever something I talk about with patients appears in mainstream media, I always like to share with you. The article I’m going to share with you appeared in Vogue magazine in July 2015 and is titled, “The Learning Curve.”

The article highlights a recent study in the journal Surgical Technology International. which reported the new condition “text neck.” By bending your head forward just fifteen degrees, the weight of the head DOUBLES. That means your head no longer weighs 12 lbs., but 27! By increasing the load, it strains the body and can lead to permanent damage such as degenerative changes in the spine and arthritis.

Amy Cuddy gave a TEDtalk that discusses personal transformation via posture. Working just two minutes per day on high- power poses increases testosterone levels by 20% and lower cortisol by nearly 25%!

In many of my lectures on posture, I discuss the importance of being tall for interviews and auditions. When we meet someone, it only takes 3 seconds to form that first impression. Imagine how much you could change people’s perception by simple posture exercises 2 minutes each day!!

If you or someone you know has bad posture, we would love to be able to help them out. We have very simple tools that can evaluate posture and give you a better overall picture of your body.

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