Vitamin B12

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Dear Patients and Friends

The body and the mind are part of an unbelievably intricate system where all pieces need to coordinate in order to function at its best.

A positive by-product of this current global event is that there is much more information available about the importance of certain nutrients required for a properly functioning system and how that relates to our ability to fight infections.

Vitamin B12 has traditionally been related to anemia treatments and energy levels, but rarely to a properly functioning immune response. Research has come out that this particular vitamin is also an important co-factor for immunity.

We have been seeing a number of patients every week who are coming into our office for Vitamin B12 injections to keep their energy up – now it also shows they have been boosting their immune systems!

Adding Vitamin C to the injection makes it even more potent.

If you would like more information about our Vitamin B12/ Vitamin C injections, please call our office at 760-365-0408.

In health,
Dr. Christian Reichardt, DC